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Ever since Fatto a Mano opened in Hove I’ve been a fan! Having lived in Italy for a year I am quite picky when it comes to Italian food. Italian cuisine has become international; wherever you go in the world you can find a bowl of pasta or a pizza. The downside is that it has been messed around with so much and starts to resemble something completely different. In Italy you don’t usually find places that sell pizza AND pasta. A pizzeria is for pizza. An Osteria, Trattoria or Ristorante is where you can find Pasta. This is what Fatto a mano has done; it’s a pizzeria. Somewhere you can go to get a quick bite to eat, no fanciness. Ok, they do serve a few pasta dishes but that’s not the point of going there. They serve Neopolitan style pizza (floppy with a lovely doughy crust).

The drinks menu is simple yet all you need. Beer, wine and aperitivi. All at very reasonable prices. If you haven’t tried an Aperol Spritz yet, where have you been?! They’re everywhere at the moment and they’re perfect for the beautiful weather we’ve been having. There’s various ways of making it but the base is a spirit called Aperol which gives it the orange colour and is very bitter. They make theirs with Aperol, Prosecco and soda. You can also make it with white wine instead of the prosecco for a less fizzy drink.



fatto a mano drinks (2)

I don’t usually need a starter but this time we shared the Caprese, Mozzarella, tomato and basil salad. Simple but delicious; the mozzarella was excellent.


When you go to choose your pizza you first need to decide: Red (with tomato) or White (without tomato). This is something that we Brits find odd, a pizza without tomato?! Fear not, you can add tomato base to any white pizza. I usually go with the way it’s been suggested, they know what they’re doing!

When I first visited Fatto a Mano I quickly found my favourite pizza: Norma Vegetariana. Tomato base, aubergine, smoked ricotta, mozzarella and basil. I chose it this time again! Norma Vegetariana

I think I may have found a new favourite, la Burratina. This is a white one with burrata, cherry tomatoes and pistachios! If you haven’t tried Burrata- you must! A creamy, oozy mozzarella, as soon as you cut the ball the creaminess comes oozing out! An absolute dream!  I have only recently realised how excellent toasted nuts are on a pizza! I’ve also tried one with almonds, butternut squash puree and sage! (Not at Fatto a Mano…. yet!) 😉


We never have room for a dessert so an espresso is the perfect way to finish. I have, however, visited just for dessert before. They do the most amazing fried pizza doughnut strips with Nutella and vanilla ice cream!


The service, like in Italy,  is always friendly but not too over the top, just how I like it. If you’re an impatient person, I would suggest going early evening or in the week. It does get extremely busy with queues out the door so you can wait some time for your food. It’s totally worth the wait though! They also do takeaway (pick-up only), which is perfect if you live within walking distance or drive by on your way home from work. Locations given below.

We had 2 drinks, olives, one starter to share, 2 pizzas and 2 espressos to finish. The bill came to £42 which I think is reasonable. Pizzas range from £6.50-£10. You could pick up a pizza and a can of San Pelligrino then head to the beach. A great alternative to a BBQ with less hassle.

If you’re visiting for the weekend or live in the area and love pizza, give this place a go and I promise you will not be disappointed!

3 locations

  • HOVE

    • Address:
    • 65-67 Church Road, Hove BN3 2BD

    • Address:
    • 77 London Road, Brighton, BN1 4JF
  • The Laines, Brighton

    • Address:
    • 25 Gloucester Road, Brighton, BN1 4AQ

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