We’d planned to go to the Pride parade this weekend and then find somewhere to go for lunch where we could soak up the atmosphere and enjoy some decent seafood. I’d had Murmur in mind but didn’t want to get my hopes up as I knew it would be really busy. We went along and put our name down for a table, we probably waited 45 minutes for the table but it was a beautiful day and so we happily took a stroll along the seafront. We got a table outside in the corner looking out at the West Pier. The restaurant inside and out isn’t massive but that’s a good thing, in my opinion. The service was attentive but not too intrusive with knowledgeable staff.

Our view:West pier insta
As the weather was hot and we’d been waiting around for a while, we were desperate for a cold, refreshing glass of wine. We ordered a light Italian Rosé: ‘Tramari’ made by San Manzano (Primitivo from the Salento region of Puglia). We’d tried a lot of Primitivo Reds in Puglia when we visited on our honeymoon but had never tried a Rosé.  It was quite dry and very refreshing.
With our thirst satisfied, we could get down to the serious business: ordering our food. The starter was an easy choice, my eyes were drawn immediately to:

Lobster Croquettes with chorizo and saffron mayonnaise and charred lime.

When they arrived they were three perfectly formed golden balls with a perfect amount of mayo at the side. Cutting them open you could see the pieces of lobster. At that point you can see the quality; not a case of a small percentage of the croquette being blitzed up to blend it throughout the filling. An absolute winner of a dish, one I’d recommend you try if you do visit! My husband said he could have just had 10 of those with some chips at the side (Not exactly suitable for the type of place we were)! For mains we both chose white fish. They both sounded very tempting on the menu and lived up to our expectations.

Pan Roasted Bream Fillet. Served with Chermoula new potatoes, cherry potatoes, tapenade, butter beans, roasted red pepper in spiced yoghurt dressing.
Seabream (2)
The Bream had a deliciously crispy skin and the fish flaked apart beautifully. I always love new potatoes with fish and the olive tapenade gave it a nice saltiness. I have to say I didn’t feel the butter bean side was that special or necessary. So much so that I didn’t take a photo of them (They’re in the background in that bowl). A green vegetable would have gone nicely at the side.

Roast Cod. Served with charred cauliflower, brown shrimp butter, parsley puree and an almond crumb.Cod dish (2)
I was SO glad we had agreed to share our mains! This was outstanding! The cod was perfectly cooked, the shrimp butter was deep and transformed the cod. The parsley puree and almond crumb were perfect accompaniments and the flavours all balanced well. Now.. cauliflower seems to be in trend at the moment. It’s not one of my favourites but this charred cauliflower was nice. I probably wouldn’t choose it as a side but the cod was so good that I forgot about it.I’m not a big sweet eater, but when the waitress brought over the dessert menu we still had some wine to drink so decided to try a dessert to share.
Peanut Butter Parfait. Served with salted peanuts, chocolate and caramel.Peanut butter parfait (2)
The parfait had the perfect amount of peanut butter taste, it wasn’t too overpowering. The caramel sauce, chocolate soil and the chocolate shards were perfect in a mouthful with some of the parfait.This was perfect for a special occasion/celebratory lunch. It’s not a cheap eat but is totally worth it for the right occasion or if you’re lucky enough not to have to watch the pennies. We had one starter to share, two mains, one dessert to share and a bottle of wine and with a service charge it came to £87.They do a set menu in the week (2 courses £15, 3 courses £20). I’ll definitely be going back to try this when I find the time and energy to go out for a meal on a weekday evening!


Where to find them: 91-96 King’s Road Arches, Brighton, BN1 2FN. (Near the i360)

To book: 01273 711900


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