Estia Cyprus Kitchen

I have often walked past this little restaurant and wondered what it was like. I hadn’t heard anyone talk about it, but when I was searching for a place to go with a friend last weekend I found it on Tripadvisor. I am well aware that Tripadvisor isn’t always the most reliable but I do use it as a starting point. I checked out their website and most importantly the menu, which sounded pretty good.

We booked a table for 7.30pm and when we arrived it was pretty quiet, by the end of the evening it was full.

We ordered a bottle of Sauvignon blanc which was £16.95. I am a wine lover and try not to go for the cheapest on the menu, but I do like that when eating you can still get a bottle under £20. Looking at the menu again now I kind of wish we’d tried the Cypriot house wine. It feels like a risk to try a wine from a country you’ve never tried, but next time I would give it a go.

Before going, I knew I wanted to try their starters. We had the Meze starter platter for two (meat), there was also a vegetarian one. (Dolmades which are stuffed vine leaves, olives, taramasolata, tzatziki, hoummus, grilled halloumi, Greek style meatballs, and tomato, red onion and feta salad, all served with warm, pitta bread).

It was great to try different things, the portion size for a starter was perfect. The dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with rice) and the meatballs were my favourite.

For mains we both had simple dishes which was quite nice after having such a variety in the starters.

I chose the swordfish steak served with rice and salad. The fish was cooked well with olive oil and lemon and had a nice flavour. I hadn’t had swordfish for a long time, it’s rare to find it here so I wonder if it might have been frozen, especially as the price wasn’t that high either. I suspected that might be the case before I ordered it, and I don’t know for sure but it was still very tasty.

My friend chose the chicken souvlaki also served with rice and salad. Both our dishes could have been served with chips rather than rice.

I rather enjoyed the simplicity of the main dishes. Meat/fish with rice and salad is a nice alternative to sometimes very rich dishes that make you feel uncomfortable all evening.

The service was friendly and we were left alone to chat which is why we’d gone out for dinner.

We ended up paying £32 each for starters, mains, bottle of wine and a tip. It’s not bad and I as happy to pay it, but perhaps a little pricey for what we had. Next time I would try the meat or fish meze, which includes all the starters plus meze sized dishes of some main dishes too. They are priced around £15 per person (minimum for 2 people).

If you’re looking for a relaxed setting to try a variety of Greek/Cypriot dishes, I’d give it a go!

Estia Cyprus Kitchen can be found at: 3 Hampton Place, Brighton, BN1 3DA (Just off Western Road)

Opening times

Tuesday-Saturday from 6pm

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