The Ivy in the Lanes

I tried to make the most of my week off by taking advantage of the lunch or early evening menus. So when I checked out the Ivy’s set menu, there was no doubt that we’d be going there!

As soon as you step through the door, you feel that special something.

Brighton themed menu

We had booked a table for 5pm, I’m not sure it was really necessary as there were quite a few free tables as it was only a Wednesday. We ordered drinks and perused the menus. It was tempting to go for the a la carte menu but the reason we had gone was to try the set menu. Apart from trying to keep the cost down as it wasn’t a special occasion, the options were really appealing.

Both my mum and I went for the Roast pumpkin soup to start with. The combination of pumpkin, ricotta, pine nuts and sage sounded perfect! When it arrived we were delighted; the soup was served in a jug for us to pour over the pine nuts, ricotta and sage. This is the sort of thing that excites me, however silly that may sound, and it really does make the meal more memorable. Of course the taste had to match and it really did; silky smooth soup with the crunchy nuts and sage. Delicious!


For main I chose Roast Pollock with smoked paprika butterbean ragout. I also ordered a side of mash potato. It actually wasn’t necessary as the main was perfectly enough. The fish was cooked perfectly and the flavour of the ragout worked very well with the delicate flavour of the fish.

My mum ordered a curry. She is often drawn to the curry wherever we go but says she is often disappointed by the lack of flavour or consistency of them. Its hard not to compare any curry you have to your local Indian, although there are so many varieties of curry. She was definitely not disappointed with this one! Chargrilled chicken curry served with jasmine rice, sweet potato chips, chilli and spinach. The depth of flavour was amazing (of course I tried a spoonful!) I wasn’t sure about the idea of having chargrilled chicken on top of a curry but it was very nice.

We didn’t have room for a dessert but they looked pretty good too!

The service was very good, didn’t have to wait for long but had a nice gap in between drinks and courses. One thing I noticed was that each stage seemed to be dealt with by a different member of staff. I’m sure that’s on purpose and what they do in these type of establishments! It didn’t bother me but was something I haven’t really had before.

The bill was reasonable as the set menu was a good price. 2 courses for £16.50 or 3 for £21. The set menu is on Monday-Friday 11.30am-6.30pm. The drinks were where it can really rack up. We only had one drink each. The gin and tonic came to £10.75!! They must have served doubles as standard (or VERY expensive single) I had a bottle of Aspall’s Cider for £5 which seemed reasonable. And they add 12.5% service charge.

Oh, and I cant forget to mention the experience of visiting the toilets! They are beautiful!

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