I always have a list of places I want to try. It’s not written down, I have it in my head and it mainly comes from social media and word of mouth. Semolina was one of those. So when I was invited to a work meal there I was super excited!

The fact that the meal on offer was a three course dinner and all paid for made it even better!

We had the Christmas menu and chose our dishes before going. Being a fish and seafood lover my decisions were easy to make.

The restaurant was not what I expected at all. It’s on Baker Street near the Level. Not an easy one to stumble upon. It felt like someone’s living room, which was really nice! The staff were very attentive; checking we had everything and filling up our glasses when they got low!

For starter, I had the Clam and cockle chowder with sourdough crumbs. It was very creamy with just the right amount of chunky bits.

For main, I had the Brill with curried cauliflower, sprout tops and brown shrimps. As well as being beautifully presented, it was a delight to eat. The curried cauliflower was a purée underneath the fish and worked really well with the delicate fish. We had some sides to share on the table, but I wouldn’t say I necessarily needed them with this main.

I wouldn’t usually order a dessert but everyone else had, so I went along with it (easily persuaded!) I also feel like if you order before the night you’re always up for 3 courses. I am much more of a savoury person, but this time the dessert was the highlight for me!

Chocolate and hazelnut delice with caramel ice cream. I didn’t know what a delice was but I imagined it was going to be a type of mousse. The meaning of delice is actually an old-fashioned word for treat or delight, which it most certainly was! The star of the show was the ice cream, I am sure it was salted caramel. My absolute favourite and was perfect to accompany the hazelnut chocolate.

I realise this Christmas menu is likely to be no more when publishing this and for that, I’m sorry! Even though I didn’t have to pay a penny for this meal, I would have been happy to pay £30 for the 3 courses.

To give you some idea of prices:

  • Starters around £8
  • Mains around £16/17
  • Desserts around £6/7

N.B. Prices are taken from their website at the time of writing (Dec 2018). The menu changes every month, which excites me!

Semolina is open for dinner Tuesday- Saturday 5.30-10pm and Saturday lunchtimes 12-2.30pm. It was included in Brighton’s Best restaurants 2018. If you’re looking for a top quality meal in a cosy setting with attentive service, look no further.

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