Ask any Italian in Brighton where they’d recommend going for pizza and I guarantee they say VIP. I’ve already posted about Fatto a Mano, I love both of them equally; they are great in their own ways.

Located on the Old Steine, Very Italian Pizza is a must for anyone who lives in the area or is visiting. It’s best to book if you’re planning to go at the weekend.

The menu is long, and usually I’d say that isn’t a good sign but when it comes to pizza, it’s not hard to have an endless choice. A few toppings for the English taste have crept onto the menu: ham and pineapple, roast chicken! Chicken is never found on pizzas or on pasta in Italy!

On our last visit I had an Aperol Spritz, perfectly proportioned and served in an appropriately large wine glass. I am not a fan of getting an Aperol Spritz in a short tumbler as they do in a few places around town. What goes better with a Spritz than big green olives? The one where you can taste olive oil. I suspect they’re Nocellara from Sicily but it doesn’t mention that on the menu. The house wine is only around £14 and is perfectly drinkable. I’m yet to find a cheaper bottle of house wine in the UK.


We don’t always order starters here as the mains are so filling. However, they do excellent sharing platters; meat or vegetarian. Perfect if there’s a large table of you as you can savour a few bits and still have room for your main.


I usually go for pizza when I visit. They have pizze rosse (red pizzas meaning with a tomato base) and pizze bianche (white meaning with no tomato). If you’ve never tried a white pizza, I’d recommend it; some of the combinations are great without tomato and have been created like that on purpose. That isn’t to say that you can’t add a tomato base if you can’t bear a pizza without tomato!!

On our most recent visit I opted for a bowl of pasta rather than pizza. Quite unusual for me as I eat a lot of pasta at home but I fancied trying some there. I chose rigatoni c’a purpetta (meatballs) It was very tasty, the meatballs fell apart and the tomato sauce was rich.


The pizzas really are the reason to go to VIP though! My favourite being sausage and Neapolitan broccoli!

Salsiccia e friarielli

Other than being absolutely delicious & thoroughly satisfying, it’s excellent value for money! The pizzas range from £6 to £12 (if you want salmon or black truffle!) We usually spend around £15 for an alcoholic drink, nibbles and pizzas.

If you haven’t visited yet, get yourself there for a little taste of Italy!

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