My Best of 2019

I suddenly realised that I should be doing my top 9 of 2019, as I did it last year. It was fun looking back at all the meals I’d had in the previous year so I’m doing it again. It also reminded me that I’ve been doing this blog for 18 months now, hopefully helping locals and visitors to Brighton find good places to eat focusing on independents. This year I’ve had a few invites to try out new places and attend launch parties, which has been really exciting!

Noodles Soup, Brighton

This is by no means a fancy affair. But it is somewhere I would go back to again and again. Just for the food. A pretty basic place, with photos of the dishes (I usually avoid places with photos as the menu) and practically no conversation from the person serving you. Does that matter? No, clearly not as it made my top 9! I always have the Prawn Laksa Soup. Absolutely delicious!!



V&H Cafe,Palmeira Square, Hove
I started a new job in June this year and it’s on Palmeira Square in Hove. I finish at 12:30 on a Friday which leaves me with the chance to have a leisurely lunch out. I have been to V&H cafe several times now and the food is always fantastic. Homemade baked beans being my current favourite. It’s a small cafe with outside seating for warmer days. An independent cafe sharing great food from local suppliers.



Petit Pois, Brighton
I visited this cute French restaurant in the Lanes for the first time during October Best. It was a weekday lunchtime so wasn’t very busy. We sat close to the Pass and could see the chefs. It felt quite intimate, the service was really good. There’s a real focus on seasonal produce and the combinations of ingredients were fantastic. The presentation was also beautiful. They have a long list of cheeses which you can choose from to create tour own cheese board, and or charcuterie.


Easy Tiger, Brighton
Easy Tiger was also one of our visits during October Best. I’d been wanting to try it for a while, I used to go to the Hampton pub quite a lot before it was taken over. Easy Tiger is Indian street food. We had ‘Culinary Diversity of Kerala’ platter put together by Chef Kanthi. A great option for Indian pub grub (if that’s even a thing!)



A place I have reviewed on the blog. Opened in Worthing by 2018 Masterchef winner Kenny Tutt, Pitch is an elegant and welcome addition to the seaside town, which otherwise I would rarely visit! This is somewhere I hope to visit again in 2020, if it’s simply for the donuts which we missed out on last time but I’ve heard rave reviews for.


Hop cured trout


Restaurant Interlude
This is a very recent addition to my blog, see post for my review of our Christmas Afternoon tea. As I say in the post, it is an experience that I will remember for a while to come.



Nanninella, Preston Street, Brighton
Now, it seems slightly crazy that I’ve chosen a pizzeria as number 3! However, I am in love with Brighton’s newest Neapolitan pizzeria. The place itself is very cute, simple but feels very welcoming. The pizzas are BUO-NI-SSI-ME!! I don’t need to say any more, just go!


Terre a Terre
We visited Terre a Terre in August as I had been given a voucher as a leaving present for work. As people who eat meat and fish, we were so impressed by a full vegetarian/vegan restaurant, and can’t wait to go back! Another one I’d love to visit again in 2020. Full review here.



Ginger Fox
My all time favourite of 2020 is one of the Gingerman restaurants, located in the countryside on the way to Henfield from Devil’s Dyke. We went for my birthday in May and for their October Best menu. Both times was just perfect. The dishes are all carefully planned with seasonal local ingredients. The October Best menu was excellent value for money with 4 courses for £20!! If you see it on the October Best menu next year, book it! It’s a beautiful setting, great to sit outside overlooking the South Downs in the Summer and cosy in Winter. I wrote a review when I first visited in May.  On my list for 2020 as well as a few of the group’s other restaurants that I am yet to try: The Flinthouse and The Ginger Pig.

Here’s to another year of eating at at the city’s already fantastic selection of restaurants, cafes, pizzerias and pubs, and exploring new additions that undoubtedly will come.

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