Roasthost Brighton

This seems like a strange time to writing a blog post. However, it also feels like a good time to be telling you about a takeaway place. These guys set up only a few weeks ago near Seven Dials, it’s challenging times but with what they’re producing I really hope they do well.

Sarah contacted me offering me a £30 voucher enough to cover a main and 3 side dishes plus gravy. I jumped at the chance of course!

They have a different menu Thursday to Saturday, and  a longer one on a Sunday, when people would traditionally be having a Roast.

This gives you an idea of the menu, they also do other vegetables and some options of ‘bowl’s where they have a selection put together already, rather than ordering separate components. Visit their website for the full menu.

Menu Thurs to sat

Menu sunday

We went for a whole rotisserie chicken, as we knew we could use the leftovers another day. The skin was crispy with lots of flavour and the meat was tender. It goes without saying that we had roast potatoes too, they were crispy on the outside and nice and fluffy inside, as a good roastie should be!


For our sides we had the hassleback squash (1/2) which on the menu says it comes with olive oil, maple, chilli, toasted almonds and coriander. I’m pretty sure ours was with sage, garlic, a bit of chilli, olive oil and some nuts (can’t quite remember which ones!). It worked really well with the sage, better than coriander I’d say. The garlic roasted alongside it was a great way to do it.

We also had the fresh slaw; a lovely colourful mixture of shredded vegetables with a light but flavoursome dressing. I wasn’t sure about ordering this as it doesn’t seem an obvious choice with a roast dinner and gravy, but it does work very well with rotisserie chicken. I’d have liked a larger selection of side vegetables on the weekday menu. The Sunday menu has the option of cauliflower cheese, roasted carrots, parsnips, seasonal greens and Yorkshire puds.  I guess a lot of people don’t really want a roast as such in the middle of the week so the chicken, potatoes and slaw or bean and pulse salad is a nice option. That will be especially true on warmer days. I hope to go back on a Sunday to try the other sides and meat options. If you’re vegetarian you could have the squash as the main element or roasted cauliflower (whole or 1/2). We didn’t order this as it comes with blue cheese, and neither of us like that.

They have a licence to sell beer and wine to take away too. I enjoyed mine at home with a glass of my own red, as they hadn’t started selling drinks just yet.


You can find them on Just Eat, £2.50 delivery fee (must spend over £10 to qualify for delivery). You can usually collect your order too, however, in these particular times best to call up to check.

Thank you Sarah for the gifted roast, and to Glen and Mike for cooking up a storm!
Good luck with the beginning of your venture!


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