About me

To be honest I don’t know how to start.. the first post always seems the hardest. So I’m going to explain why I’ve started this blog, what I’m imagining it’ll be and who might be interested.

My name is Emily. I live in Brighton, well Hove, actually!

I teach English as a foreign language at a private language school in the centre of Brighton. My students are very used to me talking about which recipes I’ve made, restaurants I’ve tried and places I would suggest they visit. Combining two of my passions fills me with joy.

I love the fact that after 3 years of living in this vibrant city I am often asked for advice on eating out. So I decided I’d make that one aim of this blog. I’ll be writing posts about places I’ve visited already and will update you on new ones I go to.

There will mainly be posts on Brighton and Hove. Tips for visitors, students living here as well as ideas of perhaps undiscovered eateries for locals. I’ll also be sharing any experiences I have on my travels.

I’ve previously had a blog with a friend where we posted recipes. I’ll be sharing any new dishes I feel need to be tried by you and would love feedback!

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