My Best of 2019

I suddenly realised that I should be doing my top 9 of 2019, as I did it last year. It was fun looking back at all the meals I’d had in the previous year so I’m doing it again. It also reminded me that I’ve been doing this blog for 18 months now, hopefully helping… Continue reading My Best of 2019

Afternoon Tea at Restaurant Interlude

When my sister asked if I wanted to join her for Afternoon tea at Leonardslee gardens, I jumped at the chance. She’d received a voucher, and it was for Restaurant Interlude, which had recently won its first Michelin star! We visited Leonardslee gardens for the first time in the Summer for my Grandma’s birthday, it… Continue reading Afternoon Tea at Restaurant Interlude

Best of 2018

I was going to do a ‘top nine’ on Instagram, but as I saw on someone’s posts the most popular posts are not always your favourite posts. I’d like to reflect on my favourite eating experiences of 2018. I’ve chosen my top nine eating experiences of this year. Based not only on the food, but… Continue reading Best of 2018